The 30th Ankara International Film Festival was completed.

Organized by the World Mass Media Research Foundation, Ankara International Film Festival has taken place between the 18th and 28th of April 2019 for the 30th time. Just as every year, the National Feature, National Documentary and National Short Film Competitions encouraged the productions that help development of the Turkish Cinema.

30th Ankara International Film Festival National Film Competitions Winners

Best Film: Güvercin Hırsızları / Pigeon Thieves – dir: Osman Nail Doğan
Best Director: Ali Vatansever – Saf
Onat Kutlar Best Senaryo: Görülmüştür/ Passed By Censor – dir: Serhat Karaaslan
Mahmut Tali Öngören Best First Film: Dead Horse Nebula – dir: Tarık Aktaş
Best Actress: Saadet Işıl Aksoy – Saf
Best Actor: Berkay Ateş – Görülmüştür/ Passed By Censor
Best Supporting Actress: Füsun Demirel – Görülmüştür/ Passed By Censor
Best Supporting Actor: Bülent Çolak – Suç Unsuru / The Element of Crime
Best Director of Photograpy: A. Emre Tanyıldız – Kardeşler / Brothers
Best Art Director: Meral Efe Yurtseven, Emre Yurtseven – Kardeşler / Brothers
Best Original Music: Mustafa Avcı – Yuva
Ayhan Ergürsel Best Editing: Naim Kanat – Güvercin Hırsızları / Pigeon Thieves
SİYAD Best Film: Görülmüştür/ Passed By Censor – dir: Serhat Karaaslan
Best Documentary: Tanrı Göçmen Çocukları Sever mi Anne? Do You Think God Loves Immıgrant Kids, Mom? – dir: Rena Lusin Bitmez
Best Short Film: Duyuyor musun Anne?/Are you Listening Mother? dir: Tuna Kaptan
National Feature Project Develeopment Award: Karanlıkta Islık Çalanlar / Those Who Whistle After Dark – dir: Pınar Yorgancıoğlu

The festival was completed with the screening of feature, documentary and short films as well as various workshops and events. 

Ankara International Film Festival contributes to the development of the industry and the artistic quality of cinema as well as supporting the new creators of Turkish Cinema by creating a platform for Turkish and international filmmakers to get together for films, educational purposes and forming partnerships. Beside the national competition programs, there were international screenings in the festival.

Short Film Screenings

Shorts Without Limits

This section brings awarded short fiction, animation and documentary films together from all over the world. Turkey premieres of some of the films are performed in Ankara International Film Festival. This Year; SuperDad by Andras Petrik [Hungary], Réquiem by Juanma Juárez [Spain], Kado/A Gift by Aditya Ahmad [Indonesia], The Black Way by Leila Norouzi [İran], Fish Cracker by Yiğit Evgar [Turkey], Lack by Volkan Budak [Turkey], The Field by Sandhya Suri [India], Dollhouse by Ezgi Temel [Turkey], Success by Valentin Suntsov [Russia], Girls by Elkjana Gjipali [/Albania], Feys: Another World by Kaan Kurnaz [Turkey], Sea by Fèlix Colomer [Spain], Mother by Josu Martinez [Spain], Skin by Guy Nattiv [USA], and On The Border by Wei Shujun [China] were screened in this section.

Selection of the History of Independent Animation in Turkey

This selection created by Berat İlk, proposes a revised history of Turkish animation that focuses on short, feature and independent animated films studied through content, technique and production processes, and includes the influence of festivals on the production of these films and the progress of animation artists.

Balkan Beyond Borders Short Film Festival Balkan’s Stories Selection

Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens and aims to create an Inter-Balkan network able to promote efficiently the work of young artists of the region and beyond, in order to familiarize its audience to the Balkan culture and its diversity. In this selection, the films Maybe Tomorrow from Bulgaria, The Domestic Fly from Slovenia, Lejla and Pink Elephant from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Officer from Romania were screened.