Poster of the 27th Festival is from Selçuk Demirel

Apart from many important elements, Ankara International Film Festival is also identified with posters that are especially prepared for the event every year. Addressing to followers’ sight and at the same time emphasizing the ‘sight’ within the theme in a colorful way, the poster of 27th AIFF bears the signature of Selçuk Demirel. With the master drawings of Demirel, the attention drawn on cinematic impact increasing with the union of ‘sight and sound’ becomes stronger.

Selçuk Demirel who continues his works and lives in Paris where he moved when he was 24 in the year 1978, points out that drawing is a way of living and is a natural process and a vital reflex for him as much as breathing is. Artist, unfolding with his love of cities, nature and animals and with the poetic expressions he is after within his works, is also a big fan of cinema.

The drawings of Selçuk Demirel, is being published in many countries, particularly in France within newspapers, magazines and books. Apart from his drawings published in Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Demirel continues doing exhibitions regularly. Artist has approximately fifty books including design albums, books written and drawn for children and publications with other writers.

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