The Significance of the Festival

Film festivals have been lustrous organisations all around the world. Along with presenting the films and helping their circulation, the festivals are also like mirrors that reflect the culture, the language and novelty. They shine with their important guests, renowned artists and new talents and speak through its films. Therefore they are among the most significant “trademarks“ of the countries and cities. A festival shines as it becomes known and illuminates its supporters as it shines. A festival sponsor carries the dignity of this illumination and consciousness.

The Ankara International Film Festival, which is among the earliest and prestigious festivals of our country, is realised by the World Mass Media Research Foundation. The festival receives its main support from the public institutions working in the fields of art and culture, where the leading contribution is coming from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. However, genuine and sustainable structure of the festival is established with the representatives of the private sector that are improving the festival with their advanced comprehension of social awareness.

We believe that,  this special contribution offered by our sponsors to the festival has a positive return, reflecting not only to our city and the festival organisation but also to themselves. As a matter of fact, this can be seen when the increasing support of our previous sponsors is considered.

The festival has welcomed significant guests each year and organised events satisfying both the invited guests and the audience. We followed the success of those events and their reflection in the press with a delight, together with our supporters. But we have a long way to go, because we have such big goals and these goals will continue to grow with our increasing supporters.

The number of sponsors is increasing each year and this is giving more and more hope to us within the context of “no art, no future” motto.  It is an honour for us to share the light of the Ankara Internatinoal Film Festival that is followed with an enthusiasm by the national and international cinema societies with our supporters. We thank once more to our supporters for their contribution.

Aim of the Festival

  • Enabling the meeting of significant guests from the world cinema and our national cinema producers to encourage co-productions,
  • Welcoming the directors, actors/actresses and producers of the world cinema, interational cinema institutions and festival organisers in Ankara to screen samples from Turkish cinema i.e. to contribute to the presentation of Turkish cinema,
  • Enabling the screening of Turkish cinema in commercial movie theatres and festivals abroad.
  • Inviting the film makers met during “Turkish Film Weeks” and similar organisations held abroad and hence creating them a chance to watch samples from the most recent and prestigious productions of theTurkish cinema,
  • Bringing the most recent and prestigious Turkish cinema productions of feature film, short film and documentary film to the audiences,
  • Bringing the most recent and prestigious World cinema productions to the Turkish audience and film makers,
  • Gathering national and international professionals together to contribute to the realisation of new productions, ideas and solutions,
  • Creating a medium for the formation of qualified, new audiences, interested in, selective about and like to explore cinema,
  • Exerting effort to make the festival a medium both for international collaboration, education, experience, knowledge sharing and presentation of Turkey and for professionals to meet and produce together,
  • Gathering masters and young film makers, that are pursuing their educations in the field of cinema and looking forward to gain knowledge, etiquette and experience in the field, in order to present the Festival medium as a school and a workshop.

Festival and Sponsorship

National and international businesses are becoming more and more competitive. Together with the sharpness of this competitive conditions, sophistication of recent tendencies in the media brings new and different strategies to brand perception management.

Until recent times, sponsorship was driven by the social awareness values of the companies. Today it is a significant option for brand communication.

The Ankara International Film Festival which is not only a part of Ankara’s and Turkey’s agenda but also a part of world cinema indusrty’s agenda, is an ideal sponsorship choice for the companies adding cultural vision to their brand communication strategies.

Sponsorship Sections of the Festival

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